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  • 3 hidden dangers when you never stop

    When someone asks how you spent your day, do you rattle of your list of busyness. “I saw 6 clients, cooked for the family, folded the washing, took the kids to soccer, updated my status on facebook, watched the latest series on Netflix. “  We wear our busy lives like a badge of honour.  8 years ago this was me, the more I crammed into my "superwoman complex"  the higher my sense of satisfaction but the consequences were almost deadly. What happens when we don’t stop 1. You are missing

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  • The toilet cleaning incident – how it became a movie

    You know when your children are young they have a loo fascination.  I remember finding my 3 year old son in the loo with his new paint brush in hand pretending to paint the walls. Wait it was the toilet brush.  Like a crazed banshee I screamed “don’t touch that it’s dirty. “ So yesterday we were practicing what I preach and sharing the cleaning load avoiding overwhelm -   Superwoman Rebellion It started out very democratically, I explained to the kids there were 3 chores that needed to be done

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  • I can’t believe this is happening!

    Save this date [video width="1280" height="720"

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