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  • Be Bad


    I know it sounds crazy, a health coach saying its time to be bad this Christmas.  Watch my quick video to feel more exhilarated, when you try out being BAD. [embed][/embed] PS my husband got quite excited about this

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  • How to stick with exercise


    I have just come back from participating in the Noosa Triathlon. This is the biggest triathlon event in the world.  A mind blowing 9000 bikes on the course. The event has a swim of 1500 metres, a ride of 40km and a 10km run to finish. Feeling the warm air, golden sands and clear water I felt inspired.

     Surrounded by healthy fit males and females, how could I not be inspired to get my body moving?

    People often say to me “I could never

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  • Comparisonitis – Is it stopping you?


    Do you compare yourself to others? Feeling jealous or envious? Maybe it’s comparing your health to someone who's full of beans.  Maybe you're comparing yourself to someone that‘s kicking big goals in their career.  Then that feeling of “I could never do that“ sets in.  You lose motivation to take any action.   I have been there and here is how I turned it around.  Watch my 2 minute video. [embed][/embed] Tell me when have suffered from comparisonitis and what you did to change it. Click

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