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  • Are you suffering from Quiet Stress?

    She grew up in an environment where her Dad exploded. Being told that losing your temper was a bad thing.  As an adult keeping her cool in the face of chaos , she viewed as a positive thing.  Then she took on more and more in her job while trying to maintain a family.  Her friends commented how calm she was under pressure. … Deep down she felt overwhelmed, teary and sad.   Eventually she stopped being able to take action. … This is a real thing, the stress

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  • I always get asked this..

      "How do you do it …  How do I become healthy and feel alive like you?"   This year marks 9 years of thriving.   Life is so amazing I feel so healthy and blessed.    The transformations I get to witness in clients like Leonie are miraculous.   She lived with pain for 10 years and today she is pain free and really living her life. This is what keeps me bouncing out of bed in the mornings.  Leonie shares how easy it was to get results in just 4

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  • How to take control of your future

    Have you heard about someone who has healed themselves from near death and wondered how? What if you could apply the same principles to your own life. Create the life you want. Anita Morjani in her book Dying to be me, talked about her near death experience with cancer. Her life support systems was turned off, organs were shutting down and yet she was able to heal herself.. Eben Alexander, a Neuro-surgeon had a near death experience where his brain had

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