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  • How to put yourself first and not feel guilty

    Do you feel guilty putting yourself first when there is always so much to do? Maybe you are juggling kids, work, cooking and cleaning. You feel like there is no time. This weekend I am speaking in Brisbane at the Mind Body Spirit Festival on this very topic. "Project Me – let the magical transformation begin". My journey was feeling like a hamster on a wheel, getting faster and faster to keep up with life. Becoming unhappy and resentful. Never making time for what my soul needed.

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  • Stop pushing -learn how to trust

    Have you ever felt like you have been pushing so hard to make something work? Maybe it’s your health, a job or a relationship. For me it was my health in the form of breast cancer . I was trying so hard to get well, following conventional medicine and my own alternative practices but nothing worked... I was devastated.   I show you how I developed my trust in the universal energy and what happened next.    If this is a tool you want to learn more about watch this video. [embed][/embed] If you

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  • Be Bad

    I know it sounds crazy, a health coach saying its time to be bad this Christmas.  Watch my quick video to feel more exhilarated, when you try out being BAD. [embed][/embed] PS my husband got quite excited about this

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