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  • Stop pushing -learn how to trust

    Have you ever felt like you have been pushing so hard to make something work? Maybe it’s your health, a job or a relationship. For me it was my health in the form of breast cancer . I was trying so hard to get well, following conventional medicine and my own alternative practices but nothing worked... I was devastated.   I show you how I developed my trust in the universal energy and what happened next.    If this is a tool you want to learn more about watch this video. [embed][/embed] If you

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  • Be Bad

    I know it sounds crazy, a health coach saying its time to be bad this Christmas.  Watch my quick video to feel more exhilarated, when you try out being BAD. [embed][/embed] PS my husband got quite excited about this

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  • How to stick with exercise

    I have just come back from participating in the Noosa Triathlon. This is the biggest triathlon event in the world.  A mind blowing 9000 bikes on the course. The event has a swim of 1500 metres, a ride of 40km and a 10km run to finish. Feeling the warm air, golden sands and clear water I felt inspired.

     Surrounded by healthy fit males and females, how could I not be inspired to get my body moving?

    People often say to me “I could never

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