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  • How to turbo charge your life

    Turbo charge your life

    Today I share the one thing that has turbo charged my life. I feel so comfortable.  I only learned this a few years ago.  Incredibly  my son Zach is learning this at twelve. [embed][/embed] I love your experiences. Share your experience below in the  comments. PS Come to The No Bullsh*t Guide to Thriving  Free Session in Mornington  on the 6th of October 6.45pm . Do you want to boost your health and happiness? Do you want to take action to heal yourself.   Click here to register your

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  • Last week I lost my mojo – felt plain yuk

    I lost my mojo -how I found my happy place

    Have you had those days where you wake up feeling like you have lost your mojo? Your confidence is shot , negativity sets in and you feel plain yuk.  This was me last week.  On top of this I  felt  like I wanted to be inspiring for my clients. Today in this short video I share my 5 mood changers which I used  last week when I wasn't feeling my perky self.  Click the image below to

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  • I Am Jumping Around Like An Excited Looney

    excited pic

    I have joined the team at Carmel Whelan Alchemy Chiropractic Care.  Carmel is an amazing chiropractor.  Throughout my journey to Wellness, Carmel works on correcting the physical imbalances in my body. My work as a Results Health Coach means, I get to help people take action to correct imbalances in their life. 99% of the time this has manifested in physical symptoms.  In simple terms I work with people that feel like their relationships are not working, maybe their job is stressful, there is no time for

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