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3 Steps to manifesting your desires

Have you ever noticed how you think about someone and then the phone rings?

You think your kids will be feral and then they are.

You think the worst about your job and then it is.

YOU are feeling really passionate about a project and it just gets done.

I was having trouble manifesting my desires.

There was a part of my business that was not working… and the more I agonized over it nothing changed. Have you ever felt like this?  I found myself reading a book that has helped me completely turn this around. The book is called   “Ask and it is given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Here they explain how to manifest your desires. If you focus on “lack of” you get more “lack of”.   Focus on “how you would like things to be” and opportunities present themselves. Seems straight forward, however, there is an essential second part to making these desires become a reality.

We have an antenna. If our antenna is not tuned in we miss the opportunity.  The antenna is our emotional gauge.

An example may be, if you want awesome health but you feel fear or doubt. Your emotional antenna is not in alignment with the desire, so it doesn’t happen. You need to feel passion and enthusiasm.  So our feelings are a good indicator of whether we are connected to our desires.

I have to admit my feelings were not aligned to my desire so I was going nowhere. So I changed tact and I started to look at the future and how I saw the Focus on Living tribe thriving, I created a new vision board, and I took my pedal off the metal for a week to focus on just being open and to feel passionate about life.  I found myself out hiking because I know getting into nature makes my heart sing.  I was very conscious of my emotional gauge and what I was sending out. It was no longer fear – it was enthusiasm.   Then KABOOM – just like that I was more open and a whole new opportunity presented itself, which is so exciting.  As time goes by I will share it with you.


So here is a quick recap on the steps from “Ask and it is Given”

  1. You ask for what you want. Really focus on it as if it has already happened.
  2. The answer is given.
  3. Your antenna must be tuned into receiving your desire – ditch the fear for enthusiasm.

So if you are struggling with making a desire become a reality try these steps or read the book.

I would love to hear when you have manifested your desires and how you were able to make this happen.  Leave a comment  below.

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2 responses to “3 Steps to manifesting your desires”

  1. Slavica says:

    Weel said, Congrats on new opportunity presenting itself. You have a great mind and outlook for manifesting. love Slavica

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