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4 Easy tips to creating the body you love

Can you relate to this? I had put my running clothes out the night before.  My alarm goes off this morning. All sorts of excuses were going through my head as to why I should stay in bed.  I was warm and cozy, outside it was cold, dark and drizzling. My mind was telling me I could go tomorrow, why get up it was raining, it was dark.

Does this sound familiar?

I fought my way through my mind games and put my feet on the floor, then I had my clothes on and I was out the door.  I could now feel the drizzle on my face.  Instead of feeling cold, it felt refreshing.  There were still a few stars in the sky.  If I was lying in bed I would have missed them. I could feel the blood pumping through my body washing away that tired feeling.  Paul Chek who is an international health coach and author of numerous books says “when you start exercising you are breathing in more oxygen, it acts like a powerful generator. The blood starts pumping through our body and produces energy.”

I ran back along the beach and I saw “good old John”, he is almost 80 and swims every day of the year.  Today I stopped and asked what motivates him to swim every day of the year rain, hail or shine?  He said “It makes me feel alive.  I would rather die swimming in the sea rather than in a hospital or just sitting watching TV, preparing to die”.

As we stood there the dolphins appeared just off the shore. How often do you make the effort to get out of bed to do some exercise and then regret it? I would say NEVER.

Here are my 4 easy tips to get the body you love.

1. I focus on the buzz I get when I finish a workout.

2. I get quality sleep. This means being asleep by 10.30pm.

3. I eat whole foods and reduced alcohol or no alcohol.  Quality food gives you energy.

4. At least one day’s training is community based. I cycle with a group.  I feel accountable to turn up and we get to have great conversations.

I cannot think of a single day where I have gone and done some exercise and wished I had not. Some days it doesn’t even feel like I am exercising.  Running into lovely John today made me feel so grateful to be alive.

Do you want to be 80 cooped up in front of the TV wondering why you cannot move or be like John swimming each day and appreciating life?

What change are you going to make so you exercise more? Post a comment below.

A sneaky heads up on next week we have a guest post from Heidi at Living Nutrition.  She will talk about foods to nourish and energize your body.

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