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I was listening to my children shriek as I chased them playing “Mummy the Monster”.

They were so excited.

As you get older do you loose that desire to get down and play with your children?

You are missing out on the  huge health benefits plus the absolute joy of being a kid again.

So why can’t you be involved in activities you did when you were younger?

“The Answer” Think positive and tell yourself you can. Here are 4 activities guaranteed to make you feel younger. Soon you will be king of the kids.

Start activities slowly, building up in intensity so you can enjoy each day with no limitations.

 1.     Running, Star Jumps, Jumping, Squatting

Join your children, grandchildren, friends, husband, wife in silly little running races, and jump up and down at the park, at the beach, or in the heart of your backyard. Squat down with them and play on their level. You will be fascinated how much energy you use to simply jump up and down and run anywhere and everywhere! Test yourself, how far can you go!

2.     Swimming

It’s a warm, sunny day, what better way to spend your afternoon cooling off in the pool. Swimming doesn’t have to be lap after lap. Incorporate all different strokes, include a kick board for extra stability and kick your way to a better health! Swimming not only tones the whole body but torches up to 400 calories every hour at a light pace. So why not… take a dive!

3.     Jump Rope

Now this fun versatile exercise definitely keeps you feeling young and fit!

By yourself? No problem. Grab a jump rope and choose a space. Maybe your back yard, the park, the beach, or overlooking beautiful scenery…really anywhere!

With friends or family? Even better! Grab an extra-long rope so you can all join in the fun! Play silly games and burn up to 500-600 calories every hour!

4.     Hula Hoop

How long can you hula hoop for? Test yourself or others willing to participate! Hula Hoop is an exercise that has been underestimated for so long! I am here to share with you otherwise. This unique activity tones, improves balance, coordination, motor skills, flexibility, prevents back pain, relieves stress and helps with digestion. For one hour, hula hooping can burn up to 400+ calories. But how you ask? It’s a low intensity aerobic exercise, meaning it requires more oxygen over a long duration, using a lot of your body movements to maintain the balance of the hoop. So, will you balance your way to youth and wellness!

Tell me your fun games or party tricks you do with your kids?

My party trick is I can still do a headstand!

hula hooping

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