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A Little tip to connect to your purpose

Having my break away I had lots of time to read books, relax and detox from social media.  I had time to mull over how do I connect to my heart space that knows my true purpose?  Over the past 2 years I have had some glimpses of operating from a heart space when a little voice inside me just knew that this was the right decision.  I want to access this space all the time

I can see some of you saying I am too busy to connect with my purpose.  Here is how easy it is.

I was doing some research and found that the Native American culture from ancient times have been accessing spiritual guidance and finding their  true purpose through a  ritual  called a Vision Quest. You go into Nature in solitude between 1 and 4 days.  For some of you this must sound extreme. For me, surrounded by a family of 6, this sounds like heaven.

How much time do we actually ever spend alone? Even when we are alone our phones are often glued to us like an extension of our body so we can connect to someone else. When I am cooking my mobile is beside me.   When I misplace it, it is like the world is ending.   No longer do we just drive, instead we can now talk to all the people we didn’t get a chance to during the day.  The best thing that ever happened to me was the time my mobile stopped working for 2 weeks and it meant I would drive and just relax into the drive.

I have decided that Fridays will be my “date day” with myself.  I am calling it my Soul Food day.  A day I spend ALONE nurturing my soul.   This will be a day when I can take a walk in nature, read a book, look after my veggie garden or go surfing.

There are a few rules. No chores or other work will be done on this day between School times.  I will switch off my mobile . How do I do this? I just schedule the other jobs on other days.  I will not feel one ounce of guilt because I know that this precious time alone helps me connect to my purpose and become a better version of myself.

I would love to hear how you connect with your inner voice that knows your purpose!  Share in the comments below.

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