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Meet Brigette Sigley

12 years ago I was diagnosed with a brain tumour.  At the time, I was a super Mum running a small business.  I never stopped.  I loved being busy, cramming as much as I could into my day.  48 hours later they operated.  I saw my life saving operation as a mere speed hump.  I put the throttle down and started doing more. Fix me was my motto whenever I had a health challenge.  This was a warning sign which I completely ignored.  Five years later at 40, I got my sledge hammer when I was diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer.   I now had 3 kids all under 7.  My business had exploded. I felt exhausted and overwhelmed.  My crazy thoughts were focused on how was I going to look after those I loved.  All I wanted was someone to fix me.  My wake-up call came when the chemo treatment didn’t work.   It was that moment feeling completely stuck that I surrendered.  This lightbulb moment meant I took responsibility  to focus on living and learnt how to be healthy.   I noticed my life became calm, I kissed goodbye to living in chaos.  Now I feel vibrant. The days of total exhaustion have gone, I listen to my body.  I feel free, my realization was my life had been a fraud, always stressing to please others.

This all happened 4 years ago and lead me to inspire others.
Today I’m a Focus on Living Expert.  As a Wellness Coach, I help working mothers feel calm, vibrant and free.  What I am really passionate about is empowering women to feel alive (Guilt free).

It’s like hanging on a trapeze swing, you see the next swing coming towards you but you are afraid to reach out.  You feel uncomfortable hanging where you are but you know you can’t go back.  I am the Instructor walking beside you, inspiring you and encouraging you to reach out for the next swing.

As a Wellness Coach, I help women make the leap in a 3 step process.

Reconnect  Women learn how to stop and connect with their body.  Our body is like an amazing super computer, it tells us when things are going wrong.

Rebalance  Here they take a good hard look at what is out of balance in their life.    My beautiful women commit to take small daily action.  A funny thing happens, life starts to flow.

Reignite  Finally women get to a place where they feel free. They are confident to do more of what they are passionate about and feel powerful.  They reclaim their life.

When one of my clients Clare came onboard she felt exhausted and overwhelmed, always busy working and she was recovering from a stroke.  She didn’t want to go back to her old life because she realised that had been the cause. She went through the program and now she has an incredible connection with her son and grandchildren because she is more present.

Today I help hundreds of working mothers to feel calm, vibrant and free.  My mission is to empower women to focus on living (guilt free).


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