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Meet Brigette Sigley

I am in my early forties and feel fabulous, although it has not always been that way.

When I was 40 I was diagnosed with breast cancer which had spread to my lymph nodes. This was my second serious diagnosis. I felt like my train had been derailed. I went on a 2-year transformational journey to learn how to get well and stay well. This space is all about sharing what I have learned and also the wisdom from the amazing experts I came across on my journey so that you too can take control of your health and well-being and focus on living. I know my diagnosis happened for a reason. To help you make the most of your life. I have transformed my own life.I sold my stressful City business because I just realized one day that it was not making me happy. Instead I am committed to doing something inspirational with my life and so Focus on Living was born.

Today I am so grateful for each day.

I have a loving partner whom I appreciate more and more each day, if this is possible.  I have 3 fantastic children. Most days I get to see them before and after school.   They are so much fun and love life so much it is contagious. My dog Coco is just like another child, coming for walks and drives in the car and sleeping on the bed. We live in a quiet village beside the beach surrounded by good friends.

I like adventure such as surfing at the beach in front of my home. I like being a little crazy and dressing up with children when they put on concerts. I get my go-slow time from my meditation time which recharges me and re-energises me. We love travelling overseas, especially to the East where there is that sense of spirituality and connectness with people.  I love hiking in nature gazing in awe at those old trees that have been here so much longer than I have which brings me a sense of peace and tranquillity.


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About focus on living

The Focus on Living Mission is to provide you with life changing  resources to help you take control of your life and focus on living every day.

When I was on my own wellness journey I could not find a website that was dedicated to helping me take control of my wellness and which combined both complementary and mainstream medicine interviews.

So now, here it is!

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