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Are you poisoning your pets or children?

I am on a mission to help families create clean and safe homes starting with  my own. Yesterday my son came to me and whispered in a scared voice “Can you come and look at my poo. It’s  green”. I think I may be very very sick”…  Doing my motherly duty… why don’t they ever ask Dad?  I casually looked into the bowl and holy cow  it was neon green!  A  stool tells a lot a about a person. I quizzed him as to how long this new colour had been around.  Answer “  this was day 2”.  I thought for a while what had my 11 year old son been eating. Suddenly it came to me as I turned my legs on the wind trainer.   Friday the kids had crazy hair day at school and I had sprayed  Zach’s hair green.  The toxins had leached in his scalp, then into his blood stream and out the other end.
What  chemicals are in family shampoo, and conditioner?  Do you poison your pets or children every time you kill a fly?  There are 1000’s of potentially harmful chemicals or toxins you may not know are in your house.
Have a look at these chemical hotspots and see if you can detox your house of these harmful household items.

Synthetic Pesticides:
Do you poison your children or pets to kill a fly? That’s what happens when we use synthetic pesticides.

Instead, use natural critter repellents like peppermint essential oil and non-toxic weed killers that aren’t dangerous for pets or run-off water.

Antibacterial Soaps:
The antimicrobial chemical in soaps, triclosan, is known to disrupt the aquatic environment.  Get rid of soaps with this harmful chemical. Hot water and traditional body wash products should do the job.

Non-stick Cookware:
Most non-stick pans use perfluoroalkyl acid, which has been linked to health issues. If your non-stick cookware has a scratch, throw it out and replace it with cast iron or glassware.

Vinyl is known as the “poison plastic.” Replace your floors with wood or bamboo when it’s time to remodel and avoid plastic shower-curtain liners or fake leather furniture.

Bisphenol A, or BPA, is a hormone-disrupting chemical. Largely found in canned food and plastic bottles, opt for frozen foods and keep microwaveable food in glass containers instead.

VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, are known as indoor air pollutants that could be toxins living in your kitchen, basement, and especially laundry room. Look for unscented detergents and no-VOC plants to use in your home.

Ever thought about that overpowering smell when you get your clothes back from the dry-clenaer. This chemical is used by many dry cleaners. Although it’s being phased out by the EPA, try to find solutions to “dry clean only” clothes at home, or air out your dry-cleaned clothes before donning them.
I am on a personal mission to live clean and create a safe environment.  I have just come back from Salt Lake City , in the USA where I went to check out Modere . They are an exciting stylish brand,  just arrived in Australia .They offer clean safe products for your lifestyle.   I don’t know about you but sometimes I wondered if product are really organic, did they  make them with stringent safe processes.  Is their packaging really biodegradable and BPA free.  I needed to see with my own eyes what they offered and how they were made.  Modere was wonderful they showed me around their wind powered manufacturing facility where they only accept organic ingredients.  I was blown away by every detail to quality of product and safety.

Modere’s  mission is to help 10 million families in 5 years live clean and safe.

When you shop at website using your code, you will receive a $10 ‘feel the love’ discount on your first order*, and you will earn bonuses, not just on their first order, but on every order after that.  Enter the Promo code 385066 . If you love the products like I do then you can share the love and earn rewards.
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