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As a kid I was told to use my head

Now there is new research that shows there is another way!

Have you ever made a decision and had a deep knowing feeling that it was absolutely the right decision?

Imagine if you could make those wise decisions all the time.

I have just spent 4 days learning a new Neuroscience coaching technique called M-Braining.  Behavioural scientists have discovered that we have complex and functional brains in both our hearts and our guts not just our heads. When they function together we are able to produce more intuitive, wiser decision making.

This is so exciting because it means that people whose head brain may be compromised either through stroke, Alzheimer’s or another cause can tap into other sources of intelligence and for everyone else it can mean wiser decision making.

Although the scientific research is new ancient civilizations have known for thousands of years that we have other sources of intelligence.

Have you ever said “in my heart I knew”.   This is talking from your heart. Have you ever heard “I have a gut instinct”.  This approach of using all three brains is called M-braining. You can go to to learn more.

I like this quote: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift” – Albert Einstein.

It was 4 days of learning the science and evidence behind the techniques which ancient cultures have known about these wisdom centres for thousands of years, and learning how we tap into these incredible brains for intuitive wiser decision making.

As coaches we got to practice the process on each other dealing with real challenges. It was incredible how the unique experience was that we got to a solid answer, not something wishy-washy as to what to do, when we were coached how to tune ourselves into these areas.

I am looking for some interested participants who I can coach through this process.

If you have a challenge and want to find clarity around it then I am offering a FREE M-braining session so please contact me. We can catch up either over skype or in person.   Contact me at

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2 responses to “As a kid I was told to use my head”

  1. Fiona OSullivan says:

    Hi Brigette,

    I’m a friend of Sam and Richard and Josh and Buster! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Oct and after much resistance am in my first round of chemo. I am a very healthy eater and don’t see my daily activities (either running, walking, kayaking, yoga) as exercise, I see feel them as joy, energy and meditation.

    I’d love to learn more about M-braining. Whilst waiting for tests I had a shocking gut, which told me results were not what my positive mind were telling me! I’d like to understand how to read it better!

    Hope you are having a super festive vacation and look forward to hearing from you when time permits.

    Fiona (Fifi)

    • Brigette Sigley says:

      Fiona, What is happening in your life. Have you discovered anything new that you are loving or is working for you? Love to hear from you Brigette

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