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Avoid Crappy days

Have you ever noticed you have a string of negative things happen at once?  I was coaching a client and this phenomenon was happening to her and she wanted to shake it.  I call this our vibrational energy.  When your vibrational energy is low you attract more of these energies – anger , frustration  or negative interactions.   When you lift your vibrational energy to be grateful and joyful these crappy days fall away.

So how do you do this?

This is my 5 step process that works for me and I have great days 99% of the time.

  1. Wake early after a good nights sleep
  2. Short meditation in the morning – this focuses me on the present.  I have a sense of gratitude for the day.
  3. A  cup of warm water and lemon juice – helps my digestive system.
  4. Some exercise to get the happy hormones pumping.
  5. Healthy breakfast and vitamins – I am fuelling my body to boost my energy.

You will notice that these rituals are very focused on me and yet I have a 3 kids and a husband.  How do I fit them in?  I schedule them in as non-negotiable.  I know by following my morning routine I am a more relaxed parent  and happy wife.

Ask yourself these questions.
Next time you have a crappy day ask how did I start my day? What am I doing when I feel most calm and centred .  Schedule them early into your day as NON- NEGOTIABLE.

I would love you to share here your morning routine. Click below to add your comment.

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