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Back from Japan and I need to share 3 amazing tips

I have just arrived back from beautiful Kyoto in Japan. My husband and I immersed ourselves in the incredible culture for 7 days.  I want to share 3 amazing wellness tips I picked up from the East.

1.  Food

While here I have been eating the Japanese diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My body feels fantastic, clean not bloated. There are many interesting benefits of the Japanese diet. I did not see one overweight Japanese person in Kyoto. They live a long time. They have minimal rates of breast cancer. So here are the big differences. The Japanese do not have gluten (bread, wheat) or dairy. They have lots of small portions so they are eating more slowly. Your stomach has time to say “I am full now”. Japanese food consists of lots of fish, fermented soy (like tofu), noodles (udon, buckwheat, soba), vegetables (steamed), high quality small portions of meat and miso soup. The drink of choice is green tea. Interestingly Japanese do not really eat sushi which is full of rice like we tend to do in the West, instead they eat raw fish “sashimi”. Rice is not a given with a meal. If you are served rice it is a small portion

2.  Living promotes flexibility and happier elderly

The Japanese live with their extended families.  There is less dementia probably because they have a healthy diet and enjoy the happy feeling of being part of a social family. I stayed in a traditional Japanese inn called a Ryokan. I ate my meals at a low table with seats on the floor. The bed is called a futon (puffy mattress) on the floor. Bathing you sit on a low stool and wash yourself and then hop into a little wooden box to bath. People from 6 to 90 are a common sight walking and riding bikes. Toileting – rather than taking the seat of ease as we do in the West, you squat over a toilet in the floor. All of this means your body is squatting, bending and moving a lot more than in the West. At home we pay to either join a gym or have a personal trainer to do all this exercise.

3.  Décor – The traditional Japanese Inn room was very minimal

My mind felt uncluttered and focused. The walls were muted colours. My room had one simple beautiful fresh single stem arrangement and a wall hanging. These were located at eye level if you were sitting on the floor.  There was no noise. I will often play music at home and our house is often a mess because of my tribe of children… I have to retreat to my mediation room to unclutter my mind.  Here my mind felt uncluttered all day.

Next week I explore the most amazing Zen experiences I had.


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2 responses to “Back from Japan and I need to share 3 amazing tips”

  1. Lisa Keys says:

    Hi Brigette, lovely to hear about your trip to Japan, the way they live makes so much sense. Loooking forward to your next installment!
    Lisa xx

    • Brigette Sigley says:

      Lisa I will continue Japan next week… lots of other burning topics in the meantime. Also If there is a topic you would like me to write on or you would like to share please email me.

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