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Can I share what happened when I didn’t listen to my inner voice?

I thought that I would share with you part of an exciting presentation that I am just putting the finishing touches to that I will be delivering later this week to a group of new life coaches.

My Message is for everyone “To Dream, To Trust and then To Let Go”.

So 5 years ago I was diagnosed with serious “Grade 3 Aggressive” breast cancer.

My big dream was to be well, to go riding my bike, racing my kids along the beach again. I did so much work on myself; changing my diet to Wellness foods, learning how to and embracing meditation, letting go of past resentments and changing my thoughts. I integrated all this with medical treatment, chemo and western-style drugs BUT the result came back that the six months of chemo had “Not Completely Worked” and that I was going to need to have my lymph nodes in one arm removed.

I was devastated.

I decided to go and had a Reiki session (hands on energy healing) and trust the healer. Now some of my lymph nodes were swollen up like a hard pea under my arm from the cancer. I got on the table and just let go I stopped thinking about how I must fix these problems.

The morning after that session I woke up and my natural instinct was to run my hand under my arm to feel the hard lumps growing there. OMG I could not feel a thing (were they hiding?).

Now I was only a few days out from my surgery. Should I have another scan? I had only had one a few days prior to the Reiki. Then in my meditation something happened that had never happened before. A booming voice said “Don’t let them take out your lymph nodes!” However I hesitated booking in for another scan thinking I was going crazy.

Then it was the morning of my surgery. I was wheeled into the operating theatre and I heard the thundering voice again “Don’t let them take out your lymph nodes!” Next there were bright lights and so many nurses, doctors, technicians I didn’t say anything. I felt like everything was organized, everything had been planned and prepared, everyone had gone to all this effort to be at this place and time and that it was too late for me to back out.

I woke up after the surgery and calmly said to my surgeon “It wasn’t in my lymph nodes anymore.” She looked at me dumbfounded and said flatly, well we will see what the pathology tests show. The tests came back the next day and from each and every one of the 24 nodes that had been taken out the same result – ALL CLEAR!

So my learning was to always listen to your inner voice.

When you have a challenging time, whether it is health or business, visualize your outcome and then trust and then just let go. It is truly amazing the solutions you can manifest, what you can create and the challenges you can overcome.

I would love to hear from you about when you have listened to your inner voice or like me when you didn’t but really could have chosen to. What happened? What did you learn?


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One response to “Can I share what happened when I didn’t listen to my inner voice?”

  1. Hi Brigette. Lovely post. I coulnt hear my inner voice in the past and missed out on some serious messages that my body was sending regarding my health. It was travelling in the dark without a tourch. Since learning how to listen and uderstand the voice inside me my whole perspective on decision making has changed. Like you it took a health scare for the changes to occur but it has all been worth it, since now I have had the most amazing guidance from with in. The more I practice the better the conversation gets. thanks Bill

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