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Clutter is stuck energy Yes or No?

We have just come back to our home after 4 lovely weeks away.  The first thing that struck me was how beautiful our home is … It wasn’t just because the sun was shining and we live near the beach.  Our house was spotless and minimal.   I have 3 children 10 years and under… and this is a rare sight… I loved the momentary tidy feeling. .. You see before we went away we cleaned… de-cluttered and gave away lots of things we didn’t need.  This was to get it ready to rent over the holiday session …What I was looking at was clean no clutter surfaces.

It got me thinking about one area of my life that was always chaos and that really bugged me.   I want to share a secret.. my  office desk was always a mess piled high with papers…. School projects… toys that need repairing.  I would gaze across at my husbands workspace and his was pristine… nothing on his desk. How does he do it?  This sight of  mess made me feel mentally cluttered… not to mention taking extra time to find things.  There is a quote by Karen Kingston “Clutter is stuck energy “  so I made cleaning my office a priority.   This year I have  huge ambitions and I certainly do not want stuck energy… Ross shared his secret of pristine space.. create space in your cupboard to put things away.. So for 2 days of sheer ruthlessness, I have gone through my cupboard from top to bottom.   I found all sorts of funny things, a photo diary from a dinner party we had in my twenties where it was a murder mystery party, we were all dressed up in our 1920”s dinner wear, lots of old journals where I had poured out my heart, training materials,  old operating system (disks) .These went straight in  the bin because we can just download them these days. O.M.G I found my annual Goals from 2007 , this was good to look back on how many of these I actually had manifested.. it was a great cleanse to look at it and box it up and put away..

I now have a cupboard with space to hide my work-in-progress  away… hanging file space.  I feel like this simple act of CLEAN UP  will fire up my creative juices and  help reach my ambitions this year.

What is one area of your life that annoys you and you put up with but deep down you know you would feel better when you do something about it.



PS I am thinking … I may do the pantry… anyone with pantry organization skills I would love some tips.

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