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Do you dread to celebrate your birthday?

I want to let you in on a secret. This was me until my recent 45th birthday.

I am a person who loves to organize parties to celebrate other birthdays.   When it comes to me I would say ” look it just my birthday lets just do something low key”.   I guess I got scared of the attention… those fears of will people have a good time.

This year my hubby Ross  decided we need a party. Let’s call it Brig’s birthday. He organised a big party of lots of friends and their kids to come over to celebrate me… In the week leading up to the party I started to get anxious.   Would we have enough food?  I actually woke up in the night sweating.  Ross said “Do you want to call it off?”

I needed to flip this around… beautiful friends were coming to celebrate life and to connect with each other… it just happened to be my birthday that was the excuse.  My children were so excited about all their mates coming over for the bonfire.  … How could I not get excited?

Friends arrived with gifts…   kids made me home-made cards… friends brought produce from their garden. A beautiful jigsaw puzzle.  I was really touched and graciously said thank-you instead of “ you shouldn’t have”.   I believe we all love to give to others and when the recipient is touched by our act of kindness then the Giver gets a buzz out of it.

I am all about connecting as many happy moments  so I said to myself  I just going to enjoy this  moment.. not worrying about anyone else… I can’t control if someone else has a good time.  I can only control my happiness dial… it was turned up to maximum.  I had an absolute blast.   We ended up with 31 children and 35 adults.  Kids and adults were rocking it out together to Meghan Trainor‘s “Dear Future Husband”,   the kids dress-up box came out, the bonfire crackled.  Kids toasted marshmallows.  Everyone was having fun.

So why celebrate your Birthday? It gives people a chance to celebrate life and connect with each other.  We are all incredible unique, beautiful people and it is the one day we were born so let’s make the most of it.  No one knows how many birthdays they have to celebrate.  When you radiate happiness it makes others feel happy.  It also raises your vibration or your energy so more good things come your way.

I would love to know how are you going to celebrate your birthday?

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One response to “Do you dread to celebrate your birthday?”

  1. Crystal says:

    I so loved your honesty Brig and you’re absolutely right! You can only control your happiness dial. It was lovely to see you present and enjoying the day.

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