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Do you feel guilty about food?

Today I have a special guest post from Heidi Sze an Accredited Practising Dietitian. A.P.D means she can also practice in hospitals.
“If you hear or read the word “chocolate cake”, what thoughts come to mind? Do words like “guilt” pop up front and centre (as is the case for a large amount of Americans and, we can assume, Australians)? Or do you think “celebration”, like the French*?

All too frequently in my practice as a Dietitian I see women (and men) associate food with guilt. These thoughts are completely damaging, as they encourage us to view food, our body and our entire being in a negative light. Instead, we should be treating ourselves with love and kindness. It is only from this loving space that we can become truly healthy (and, in my opinion, happy).

Easy said than done, right? Indeed, after years of conditioning it is not always easy to think positively about ourselves and our food choices. But it is a very important practice, and one which becomes easier when we switch our focus away from guilt and shaming, and towards nourishing…

Instead of “I shouldn’t eat that at lunch…”, wouldn’t it be great to think “what do I really feel like for lunch, what will make me feel great?” Move away from calories and “good vs bad” foods, and towards food to energise and nourish.

One particularly nurturing dish, loaded with anti-disease components like turmeric and garlic, is this Indian-style rice pilaf. It’s an incredible healthy dish to make for your family in terms of nutrition (and you can experiment with wild rice here, my favourite), but it is also incredibly comforting and good for the soul. Serve your rice with steamed fish (flavoured with coriander and lemon) plus sautéed beet leaves or silverbeet and you’ve got yourself one beautiful, delicious, energising and entirely nourishing meal.

If you’re keen to learn more about eating for health and wellness, diet for hormones and inflammation, and mindful eating, why not sign up for our Healthy Habits sessions that run throughout the year?!

Healthy Habits is an 8 week program that runs weekly for 75 minutes. These groups are a lot of fun, as well as being highly educational and motivating. In addition to the sessions mentioned above (what foods help you glow and go!), we go on a Supermarket tour (to help you learn what products to look for and how to read labels) and end the 8 weeks with cooking class (where we make and enjoy delicious healthy recipes like this rice dish!)

The next groups start on April 29th, running Tuesday nights 7pm-8:15pm in Merricks Beach. There are still places left in this group (max 10 people), so please email or call to get in touch. Heidi Sze – or
0434 999 518


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