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Do you feel out of balance? How to restore rhythm and routine.

OK it is almost Christmas so I’m busy.  My parents have arrived in town so I am playing tour guide and trying to entertain, still work and be Mum and Wife  … Oh and did I tell you we have moved out of our house for a week with parents in tow.  My kids had dance concerts.   I organised a ginger bread men making night. I had created deadlines to work projects which coincided with this chaotic time my daily exercise was becoming non-existent and I was feeling overloaded and frazzled.

My health is my top priority so when I am out of routine I know I need to get back in balance.  So I asked myself the question  “ in my heart” what needed to change to restore balance?  The answer was simple get 8 hours sleep.  I have realized that I used to put myself under crazy stupid pressure to get something done that could wait until the following week and still get me the same result.  I have also learned to listen to my body.

This meant re-prioritizing a deadline for a project which simply did not matter if it was done this week or next.  It also meant saying no to some commitments so I could spend some time at home.

The minute I made the decision relief flooded through my body. It gave me that sense of spaciousness and time. I now have my sleep back and my routine.

Cheryl Richardson, in her book “The Extreme Art of Self Care” talks about “In nature there is always rhythm, such as the rolling waves in the ocean.”  When we have routine in our lives it creates stability. It helps with relief from mentally managing too many responsibilities.

If you think about my life there are so many routines already established. My children go to bed at same time.  I go to Bikram Yoga on Tuesdays.  I meditate first thing in the mornings.  Cheryl says “When you go to bed and wake up at the same time it supports your body’s adrenal system by keeping your hormones stable and balanced.  A balanced body helps create a balanced mind.”

Answer this question are you feeling out of balance? What small change can you make in your life to restore the balance? I would love you to share with me in the comments below.

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