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Do you juggle?


This weeks guest post is by Bec Ginsberg Meditation Teacher from FOL School.  Thank you Bec.

In the past, I’ve often been heard saying that “I have quite a few balls in the air” …. You know, like a juggler, I keep the “show” going ensuring that I’m tending to many important things (balls) in my life and that of my family. But more on circus acts later…..

What’s your telltale sign that reveals to you, you are not coping and stress levels have risen? Mine is shallow breathing, neck pain and waking up tired. (Hard to juggle then 😉  Can anyone relate?

Having carried the title of Queen of Stress for many years and practiced as a meditation teacher, I feel very qualified to talk on the subject of stress.

Interestingly, friends and family would look at me and say how calm I always looked …. That’s because I so “cleverly” stuffed stress in and put a cork in it and I learnt to detach and just, well kept  juggling my way through life. Yes, like many of us women, I am an excellent multi tasker.  Throw me in another ball and I would juggle that too.

But, let me ask you again, what are your telltale signs of stress?

I really want for you to self evaluate this and then consider … Are you ignoring your telltale stress signs? If so, then you are missing the message your body is trying to communicate to you; that you are not only stressed on the outside but on the inside too.   When we are stressed, ‘dis ease’ happens, inside and out, potentially  leading to a wide variety of diseases and illness’ … Including cancer.

Are you surprised to know that as stress levels around the world are sky rocketing – so too are the rates of cancer.  Of course there are other contributing factors, but stress has been studied extensively and found to be at the core of so many physical and mental health issues.

The  news we all want to hear is there is so much we can integrate into our daily life to address our stress levels and FOCUS ON LIVING school shares many practices and tools with you.

I’m a huge fan of meditation of course,  and by just introducing a daily practice you’ll reduce your stress levels and help your amazing body  find its natural rhythm once again. When our body/mind is operating from its natural rhythm it’s efficient, effective and happy. It truly knows how to optimally function innately  ….

I’m also a huge fan of BREATHING … Deeply, purposely, slowly.

It’s a brilliant stress reducer, revitalises our blood and helps us to take awareness away from our busy mind.

Coming back to the subject of juggling and keeping those balls in the air, I’ve since learnt (although I do occasionally forget when life gets so busy) that I am my best ME when I BE  centred in all that I DO as opposed to  DOing my juggling act for the sake of keeping all my balls in the air.

Yes, present centred awareness or mindfulness in daily life is far more fulfilling and far less stressful! It’s ok to put a few balls down, the show will go on and you’ll enjoy it more.


Love, Becxx

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