WHAT IS FOL SCHOOL?FOL School is a 6-week online video-based program that has been designed to take you from just surviving to thriving. The program has been created by me and inspirational experts to give you a blueprint that really works.There are 5 key modules which are vital to get you on track. The program has been designed to be integrated with any medical treatment or as a powerful tool for you to take action to thrive.



WEEK 1Facing up to your diagnosis – Taking control of your wellness journey. WEEK 2Meditation = healing – Learn to meditate to reduce your stress levels. WEEK 3 & 4Food for wellness – Add in nourishing foods to repair your cells. You’ll receive a food plan and shopping list. WEEK 5Going within – Let go of any emotional baggage that is causing you stress .WEEK 6Feel alive and focus on living –  it’s time to add more into your life that brings you joy and start thriving.


Focus on Living School 
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