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Flicking the switch to wellness

Today’s Vlog is intimate and personal. Bill Gasiamis from M-Braining interviews me .  He asks me the prickly questions.”  What was the turning point from a world of sickness to thriving?”.

He asked me how I flicked the switch to wellness.   If there is something in your life you want to change.  If you have a health issue and you are just putting up with it.  Watch.. it may turn the light bulb on help  to make a change in your life.   You may have some aha moments that you can say “yes I am on the right track.” Click the youtube image to watch.
interview on Brigette journey pic

I would love to hear from you.  How did you flick the switch to make a change in your life?

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2 responses to “Flicking the switch to wellness”

  1. Deb Burton says:

    Hi Brigette
    For me to tell you my light switch moment would take too long for this note, in fact I’m not sure I know whether it fits my life as i feel it was a growing sensation attributed mostly to being out of marriage – now there is can of worms that goes back to childhood. See what I mean? Lovely to keep in touch and see how your website keeps developing, and maybe one day to see you and your family again. big hugs Deb

    • Brigette Sigley says:

      Deb love the way you are open and interested in your health and happiness. I hope I do see you again soon. Let me know if you ever get to Melbourne.

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