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Our commitment to you is that by fully and properly participating in FOL School you will feel more empowered and in control of your health and where applicable your health treatment and outcomes. You will be more focused on living.

If after completing FOL School you do not believe that we have delivered on our commitment then subject to the conditions set out below we will upon receipt of your written request refund 100% of your Membership fee to you.

Those conditions are that you must first complete FOL School including that you must participate in all weekly conference calls and complete all requested assignments and work tasks. You must then submit copies of your completed worksheets to us within 7 days after the last FOL School module together with your written request for refund.

Why do have these conditions? Because we know that if you complete FOL School, participate and do the work then you will achieve what we have promised to you. If you do not then we simply don’t deserve your money.

I send my love to you and hope you will join us.  I am so proud of Focus on Living School and the outcomes it creates.  I cannot wait to have the opportunity to teach you to focus on living.

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