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Have you ever felt like giving up?

Have you had that feeling of frustration where you want to pull your hair out or worse still give up?

You set some deadlines around when you want something to happen and it hasn’t yet?   Then you feel flat?   You feel tired and you procrastinate.

This was happening to me last week. I knew I was not making progress with a particular project.

I am going to share with you 3 secret tips to get the fire back in your belly. These worked for me.

My great tips for revitalizing your energies

1.   Take a break.   I went out and did something I loved that makes my heart sing. I walked the Merricks trail with my dog. This is an old disused railway trail through vineyards. The Australian Autumn sun was shining. Lots of clusters of mushrooms had popped up everywhere.   No one was around except me and Coco. On my way home I was feeling recharged and relaxed and then I saw a friend who had been for a surf out the front on my house. She told me the surf was good so out I went. As I waded out in my winter wetsuit I felt the icy water penetrate my feet like an energizing light bulb, making all my senses come alive. I stood up and rode those little waves right into the beach (which I am incredibly proud of at 45!). I only really took up surfing in the last year. I marveled at the stillness, not a breath of wind. The only person around was Eddie on her stand up paddle board and Boo her dog riding the front of the board. How lucky were we. There was nowhere else I wanted to be at that moment. This helped shift my mood from flat to excited.

 2.   Speak to an inspirational friend or mentor. She is wise, positive and successful. She helped to remind me that I needed to have a big vision for my project. That the one I had was not exciting enough. What better way to get revitalized than to communicate and be inspired.

3.  Overhaul your Vision Board so that it excites and motivates you. When I looked at my Vision Board I realized that it was no longer a “Vision” at all, because almost all of it had already been achieved. This meant that I simply did not have the passion to push ahead with my project. Now I have “re-energized” my Vision and I have filled my Vision Board with new exciting images and words about what I want my project to achieve and how I want it to be realized and to feel.


Now, I’d love to hear from you.

In the comments below, let me know. Have you ever lost the buzz for your big ideas? What happened? And what specifically do you do to stay connected to your passion over the long-term?





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