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How to avoid kids going off the rails

When I think of what gives me tingles and mists over my eyes, it’s my kids. My greatest gift is being a parent.

I feel really sad when I hear statistics that 70% of teenagers, think about suicide at some stage.


More  alarming research that hits home, in a Harvard University Study they followed kids to the age of 35. They asked them as a kid “did your parents love you?” Those that said no 98% had had a chronic disease by the time they were 35 years.  Those that said “yes” there was only 24% suffered a chronic disease. What would you say about your own parents?

So what do we do? Some of you know I have 4 kids and they all have an amazing inner confidence.  Here is my number one tip in this quick video.

I would love to hear what has worked for you as parents with your kids. Leave a comment below.

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