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How to put yourself first and not feel guilty

Do you feel guilty putting yourself first when there is always so much to do? Maybe you are juggling kids, work, cooking and cleaning. You feel like there is no time. This weekend I am speaking in Brisbane at the Mind Body Spirit Festival on this very topic. “Project Me – let the magical transformation begin”. My journey was feeling like a hamster on a wheel, getting faster and faster to keep up with life. Becoming unhappy and resentful. Never making time for what my soul needed. This eventually led me to 2 chronic diseases. WHO (World Health Organisation) says 90% will get a chronic disease in our lifetime. Why do we put off changing our ways? Life is like being on a trapeze. The bar you are hanging onto represents the way you live life and what you know. What you have always done. The first signs that it’s time to move on are you feel tired and fed up. You look across and see another bar swinging towards you representing the possibility of a vibrant you. It seems scary and unknown. You say to yourself “What if I fail and fall off the bar?” Most of us hang on to the bar we know for way too long becoming that 90% statistic. My intention this weekend is to inspire the audience to commit to Project Me. Reach out for that next bar and see how beautiful life is when you trust and put yourself first. If you are in Brisbane this weekend and want to come and check out my workshop I would love to meet you. Maybe you have a friend that would love to come. Project Me – let the magical transformation begin. Sunday 2.30pm – 3.15pm at the Mind Body Spirit Festival Brisbane Exhibition Centre. Get your FREE ticket below.

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