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How to stick with exercise

img_6804I have just come back from participating in the Noosa Triathlon. This is the biggest triathlon event in the world.  A mind blowing 9000 bikes on the course. The event has a swim of 1500 metres, a ride of 40km and a 10km run to finish. Feeling the warm air, golden sands and clear water I felt inspired.

 Surrounded by healthy fit males and females, how could I not be inspired to get my body moving?

People often say to me “I could never do that”.

We all know that exercise is good for us so how do you make it a regular thing?

Recently I have been coaching one of my male clients around integrating exercise into his life.   He would stop and start and then end up feeling guilty for falling off the wagon.

We made one simple change and exercise has become part of his life.

When I talked to him about his sleeping pattern I discovered he was a night owl. He loved to be up either working or pottering around late at night. The house would be quiet. He watched the TV show he wanted. This is what he had always done. I am sure some of you night owls can relate to this. He would set his alarm in the morning, get up early to exercise one morning but fall flat for the rest of the week because he was too exhausted.

I asked him “What would happen if he went to bed earlier on a regular basis? “Could you get up to exercise more often?” He committed to be asleep by 10.30pm 5 days a week. For the first time in years he was able to get up early and fitted in his 4 days of exercise. He found exercising in the early morning meant that there were no distractions.


Exercising in the morning means you are tapping into your body’s natural ability to produce serotonin the happy hormone during the day. At night our bodies produce melatonin (the relaxing hormone) Surprise, surprise that he was still able to get the same amount of work done during the day as he had been doing at night and feels much happier.

So are you ready for the challenge to change your night owl routine for early bird? Let me know how it goes.  Leave a comment below. If you like this blog subscribe to my newsletter. Could a friend find this useful

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