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I Am Jumping Around Like An Excited Looney

I have joined the team at Carmel Whelan Alchemy Chiropractic Care.  Carmel is an amazing chiropractor.  Throughout my journey to Wellness, Carmel works on correcting the physical imbalances in my body. My work as a Results Health Coach means, I get to help people take action to correct imbalances in their life. 99% of the time this has manifested in physical symptoms.  In simple terms I work with people that feel like their relationships are not working, maybe their job is stressful, there is no time for physical exercise, finances are a stress. Life seems  overwhelming.    Along the way I often help people fuel these changes with “real” foods.

So Carmel works on the physical change and I work on the mental side.   I am buzzing right now because my vision of creating a Wellness Hub of professionals all about maintaining wellness as we age is coming to life. I work from the Main Street office on Wednesday and Fridays.  To take up a free health coaching chat, to understand if I can help you click YES Please

I have 3 spots left on the Tuesday 16th afternoon workshop in Melbourne.  If you  are thinking about then do this for yourself ,  its only $49 and includes my book. CLICK HERE


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