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I cannot believe I have more energy even though I am 10 years older?

For any of you that did not know I just completed the Noosa triathlon where I ran a personal best that was quicker than my best 10 years ago.   This is huge as I am 10 years older, have been through C treatment and have had 3 children.  Some of you have asked me how I do it.

Therefore I wanted to share my daily routine to help you feel more energized and positive moving into the madness of Christmas.  I know for me it can get overwhelming with kids concerts, finalizing work commitments, braving the shopping centres, parties and catch ups. Sometimes you can feel exhausted just thinking about it.

Routine is my key.

1. MEDITATE.  I set my alarm for 6.00 am and go to my meditation space without distraction. This means that I stop all of those thoughts of what is ahead of me for the day. Next I set the clock on my iPhone for 10 mins.  I set an intention, normally this is to “have a great day”. I think about what I feel grateful for. This focuses my brain on the positives. Then I simply concentrate on my breath.

2. GET THE BLOOD PUMPING.  At 6.15 am I will go and do some exercise. This also releases the happy endorphins into my brain.

3. I eat within half an hour of finishing my exercise. At 7.15 am I have a Usana shake for breakfast – usually with berries and kale.  It’s easy because I know it has the right carbs, right proteins and right fats.  I take my Usana supplements because I have learned that we do not get enough essential nutrients from our food and these add in and make sure I am not missing out on what I don’t get in my food.

My rules on food are simple. First have 5 meals a day. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. These are at regular times.  NO WHITE – bread, pasta or sugar.  These help to make sure that my blood sugar levels do not spike. It keeps my blood sugar in an even band so I don’t suffer from mood swings and cravings and it ensures that my energy levels are high.

4. WATER. I drink 1.5 litres a day of filtered water. This keeps me hydrated and my skin feeling great.

5. BREATH. I will stop for a few minutes each day and simply breathe. This is normally when things are hectic and helps me keep life in perspective.

6. DO A GOOD DEED. I play a game and do one nice thing for someone every day. If someone is struggling with their shopping I will ask to help. This makes me feel good. I will smile at someone. If I think someone looks great I tell them.

7. DINNER. Consists of good carbs, good proteins, good fats and my PM Usana supplements. This happens before 7.00 pm so my body has time to digest food before going to sleep.

8. CUDDLES. I tuck my children into bed and give them a full body cuddle. I love this as I can hear them breathing. I can hear my heart slow down and their little heart beats. I feel this amazing connection. When my 8 year old son feels like he has been short changed with his cuddle he will come out and say he wants a bigger cuddle.

9.  SLEEP. In bed by 9.30 -10.00 pm.  I understand that getting enough sleep and the quality of our sleep helps with all aspects of wellbeing. If I want to continue to excel as I get older I need to get my shut eye.

Shawn Achor the author of the bestselling book “The Happiness Advantage” says that over years we have been trained to say that when we reach a certain goal or point then we will be happier and then we change the goal posts.  If instead we can train our brains to be positive all the time then we can be productive, more successful and happier every day.

I challenge you to implement at least 1 of my 9 tips for a month and I am sure that you will feel more energized and positive.  I would love to hear from you how you go.

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