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I want to share something incredible this week with you.


As many of you know from my blog I have signed up to do the Noosa triathlon again this year at the beginning of November. I love to do this event after a period of not being able to participate when I had my health challenge.  The distance you swim is 1.5 km, followed by a ride and then a run.

I manage to swim the distance every year and get by. I have been swimming for over 20 years. But this week I spent $100 on a private coaching session for my swimming.  You may ask “Why do this? You get by!” But this year I did not want to just “get by”.

I remember feeling like a tired drowned rat when I got out of the swim last year. I want to be more efficient and have more energy. I had a clear goal.  I had motivation, I had spent my $100 with Norm so I was attentive, I took in everything Norm told me.   To my absolute joy Norm helped me to make a few little changes to my technique and now I am rocking it with my swimming.  Can you believe I am actually looking forward to jumping in the pool.

This got me to thinking about how many other areas of our life are we just getting by? Our Health? Our relationships? Our weight?

We do not need to settle for compromise. I love this quote by Audrey Hepburn

“Nothing is impossible , the word itself is  I’m possible”

Look at an area of your life where you have made enormous breakthroughs?  Now think about how you did it.  Was it because you knew what you wanted to achieve?  Now take that feeling and apply it to other areas of your life. Find someone that you admire and spend time with them or pay someone you admire to coach you.  Anyone wanting Norm’s number let me know.

Come across to the website and share with me where you decided not to just get by and how you did it?

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One response to “I want to share something incredible this week with you.”

  1. Bill says:

    What a great reframe. I’m possible instead of impossible. Just love it!

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