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I was feeling frustrated and impatient that my life wasn’t where I wanted

Ever had that feeling you were working so hard to make something happen but you were running on the spot?
It may be your health you want to be healthy so badly and you continually feeling zapped of energy or wanting to make head way with your career and it seems to be a happening so s-l-o-w-l-y.  For me… I had that feeling of impatience and frustration early last year.   I knew Wellness was the career path I wanted however I wasn’t as progressed as I wanted to be and it was causing me to feel miserable.

I managed to turn this around with one little trick…    I was reminded of this by Marie Forleo latest episode  video .
She explains this concept so beautifully of how we can get tripped up when we are impatient.. and actually stall the stuff we want to happen.

If you follow one little trick  we can turn everything around.

Firstly it’s understanding  that our energy creates what we get.   If we have  negative energy , for me it was this feeling of impatience and frustration … I am sure I had deep frown lines … trying to make Focus on Living fly.  In  my impatient, negative state this attracted negative energy . When we can be in the moment and find things that we feel grateful for or inspire us it raises our energy vibration. This is where we become more positive and happy.  We attract positive energy or  good things.

in June last year my trick was to take  a moment to feel grateful about some of the amazing things that happened on my Wellness path and think about the people I had helped which keep me inspired and most important to  learn to have fun along the way .  When I changed my energy from frustration to celebrate the moment and the great things I had going on,  regardless of how small , amazing  things started  to happen . With my high energy, vibration I had new people come into my life that wanted me to speak and do my courses.

So I ask you what are you wanting to achieve this year? Maybe in 2015 there are  career  goals you have or do you want to become healthier and fitter.

If you want to be healthier instead of saying I have to exercise or can’t eat this . Say “I choose to do this and enjoy just being in the moment” . There is still time to do the next Sexy Fit Challenge I have some Sexy Fitters starting on the 27th Jan following Australia Day.  Click here to find out more.

If you have a health challenge and want support to make those changes take a look at FOL School.

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