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I woke up in ICU with tubes dangling from all parts of my body.

I could not move. My stomach had been carefully cut to take enough fat to create a new breast following a mastectomy. I was bandaged up like a Mummy.  I lay contemplating my existence.

Now four years down the track I am competing in an Olympic distance triathlon again. This happened last weekend at the Noosa triathlon. I was so excited to participate and, to top it all off, I did an absolute personal best of all time.

This means so much to me as I am now ten years older and have been through a lot of medical stuff. On the weekend I proved that I am fitter and stronger.

If you are reading this and struggling with your health or you know someone who is then are you (or they) finding it hard to remember your old self? I am here to tell you it’s  not only possible to bounce back but also to “bounce forward” to something greater as Sam Cawthorn, the thought leader for this phrase, says.


Here are the 3 Steps to Focusing on Living


Create a “vision board” of how you want your life to be. One of the pictures on mine is of 3 triathletes standing on a podium.


Enjoy the journey. Be grateful that we are here and experiencing this day. Instead of being focused on my triathlon race and worrying what might happen.  I concentrated on enjoying the training each session.


Find some great supporters that inspire and encourage you to your best I actually love hanging out with my triathlon buddies because they encourage me and we share in the fun experiences.  If you are struggling with a health issue and want a support buddy go check out FOL School. You can join others as they go through at their own pace.  I support them with catch up calls as they need it.

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