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“Just breathe” is the key

Have you ever had a time when everything is humming along and then something happens to derail you?
Last week I had a friend who was completed panicked with something that had happened in her business.   I know that feeling – shallow breathing, tension in my head, completely irrational thinking and anxiety builds up. We all know that feeling, but how do you shake it?   I said to her “Just breathe”.

Funny this week I had the same feeling. I have an annual MRI scan coming up later this week.  It has been 5 years since my cancer diagnosis however I still find my mind wanders off to “what if?”

Did you know that we breathe 5 thousand to 30 thousand times a day.   Dr Libby Weaver who is the author of the sensational book “The Rushing Woman’s Syndrome” says that our breathing dominates our Anatomic Nervous System ANS.  When we breathe in shallow breathes that communicates to the ANS that we are in danger.  This is then activating our (SNS) Sympathetic Nervous System, the flight or fight reaction in our body.  On a long-term basis this can lead to some common ailments 1. Adrenalin is released –anxiety 2. Blood glucose increases: type 2 diabetes 3. Blood pressure rises – hypertension,  Pulse increases –cardiac arrhythmia 4. Muscles tense – neck and back pain.  5. Pupils dilate- far-sightedness 6. Immunity issues.

I am sure if you are reading this then you can relate to at least one of the above.

The number one thing we can do for ourselves is to get into a habit or ritual of breathing (well) every day. She says develop your diaphragmatic breathing. This is where your tummy goes in  and out as you take deeper breaths in and slowly release them out . This will cultivate a sense of CALM.

So my mantra this week is “just breathe”.

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