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Just surviving sucks


Do you ever feel like you are just surviving or maybe you are treading water?

Why are we often content with “surviving”. They use this word a lot with cancer and it really P… me off.

I was with a friend on the weekend who had “on and off again” stomach problems for over 12 years. .. It means she is constantly tired and she puts up with it because she is surviving. .. Let’s get mad about just surviving and make a decision to start thriving and look for ways to help ourselves.

It took a crisis to change my ways.  I went from Hell to Well to now absolutely THRIVING. This was my passion for creating FOL School.

I am excited to say Focus on Living School enrolments are now open for the next course starting on 30 June.

If you think you are just surviving go and take a look.  I would love to have you there and really get you thriving.

If you have a friend that needs support don’t keep me a secret, share this.






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