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My health scare last week taught me a lesson which changed my life forever!

Each year I make my way to my annual MRI pilgrimage.  I pay my $450 to be given the all clear.  I am now 5 years on.   Anyone who has been through this knows that in the days leading up to your scan your mind drifts off to the “what if it has come back”… I normally bring my mind back to the present through my breathing and focus on getting a positive result.

The day comes and I have the scan,  an odd thing happens where the radiographer stops the jack hammer (this is the sound the MRI machine makes)  and asks if I have forgotten to tell her I still have a port in, which is what is used to give you chemo.  I say no and then it continues on… afterwards she s nowhere to be found and I am ushered off.   I started to feel a little jittery.

I have a follow up meeting with the Surgeon that is scheduled for 2 weeks time… my experience tells me when there is something which is suspect they call you back immediately.  A few days go by and I get a call from my Surgeon asking me to come in sooner as they had found something unusual.. I felt numb.. time had stopped.  Over the next 3 days I found that the joy I experienced was so much more intense.  It was a balmy autumn evening before daylight savings was to finish.  My son Mackenzie and I were out on a stand-up–paddleboard.  My good luck charm is dolphins.   I said to myself I would like to see a friendly dolphin to know I will get through this.  Next minute they were leaping out of the water and diving under they board.

In that moment I realized that happiness is not a destination . It is a series of happy moments.
For the good majority of my 44 years I have been saying  “I will let myself be happy when.. When we have paid off so much of our mortgage I will be happy.   When I am healthy I will be happy.   When I achieve a particular level of success then I will be happy.”    When you get a threat of life running out of time you see so many happy moments so clearly.

Here’s my realization. The more happy moments you can string together your happy barometer goes up.   

Another event that happened in those days leading up to the consultation was my husband and I went hiking with the kids and there was a point where my eldest son was nervous about a climb. When he reached the top he was so excited that  my son ,who is almost 11 and  is at that stage of no public affection reached out and unconsciously grabbed my hand.  Walking hand in hand, he told me all about his experience.  For me it was this magical warm feeling.

You may be wondering what was the result of the scan?   It all came back CLEAR today.   As nuts as  it sounds, I am truly grateful for the lesson.  I will be actively seeking out many happy moments in every day.

Tell me about when you realized happiness was not a destination?  I would love to hear from you comment below?

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5 responses to “My health scare last week taught me a lesson which changed my life forever!”

  1. Maz says:

    Loved this post Brig. Tears and a laugh all in one passage. Soooo happy all clear xx

  2. susan holland says:

    Glad to hear all is well brigette! yes a huge reminder to be happy with big things and small, each day, every day.

  3. Phew. Glad about the outcome. Love the way you handled this event. Everyone can learn so much from you.

  4. XRumerTest says:

    Hello. And Bye.

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