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I have been away for the Summer…  and taking some time out to get clear on the best way to inspire you to be
 healthy and happy or HAH.

Let me first share what we did over the Summer because it didn’t  cost a thing! You heard me right.  Each Summer we rent our house out and it pays for our holiday.  It has so many benefits. We de-clutter, throw out stuff , excess clothes and toys go off to the Op shop. By the date we head off (just before Christmas) our house looks sparkling and organised.  I feel cleansed.  We then go off  and travel to new places . We hang out together as a family.   I have a saying “the family that plays together stays together”.
This year we went and said hello to beautiful Tasmania. We hiked up to Marions Lookout which is in Cradle Mountain.  It was a clear blue day.  Standing on top of this mountain I looked across and felt  like I could  reach out  and touch Cradle Mountain.  Looking down I was gobsmacked  by the sheer beauty of Crater Lake below. 
We  broke up the hiking with a new sport, something  we had never tried .. Canyoning.  This is where you are dressed in 7 layers of clothing to keep you warm and safe  – Wetsuit Booties , helmet, life vest.  All designed to stop you from freezing when you jumped in the icy mountain water.  It was a challenge to just get it all on. I know what you are thinking it sounds like madness.  Lead by an expert guide we were challenged to explore  mountain canyons. Floating, rock hopping, and jumping . We were all challenged to do things we didn’t think we could and felt amazing afterwards.  I have another saying  “do something you fear everyday”. This is my 7 year old jumping from the rock into the icy water below. Yes she was terrified but described it as the best day ever.

You might recognise Wine Glass Bay where the bay is actually in the shape of a wine glass.
Now to the NEW  blog the exciting part. This year I have decided to change it up. I am 46.   I am in phase 2 of my life. I want to help people be healthy and happy. (HAH – for short).  6 years ago  I realized I was someone’s mother, wife, and friend, I didn’t like my career anymore which was running a computer company. I was seriously sick and I had to change.   I asked myself  a bunch of questions on  how to be healthy and happy? “What was my unique gift to the world that I wanted to share”.  My gift is to help people  to make the changes to be healthy and happy.  This year the blogs will focus on 6 areas:
Relationships –
If you have strong supportive relationships you can achieve anything   
Your spiritual practice–  How do you tap into your inner knowing?   Physical activity – This releases the happy hormones?  
Your career– When we do a job  we love it gives life so much more meaning?  
Joy – what do you do just for you that brings you joy? 
Food as Medicine – when you are  fuelling our body with clean foods and take out the sugar everything becomes possible. 
I am super excited because you will see guest posts from bloggers who inspire and motivate me  to be healthy and happy.   I will also share with you my “warts and all experiences”  Posts will come out every 2 weeks on a Tuesday so you are not getting too many emails. 
Have a beautiful  HAH week.

Brigette xx

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