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OGM My children all want to eat different foods. 5 Ways to ensure they get the right nutrients.

I have 3 children. They are 10,8 and 6 years old.  99% of the time I love them to bits however dinner can be a nightmare because they all want to eat different things. One eats meat (He could be a caveman) , one only eats fish  and the last  one, you always have a favourite (joking) she eats most things.  Can anyone relate to this?  I used to get stressed out that they were not getting the right nutrients and I saw myself  fast becoming that “Volcanic Mother”  erupting with a tirade of nagging at dinner time.  NOT ANY MORE.   I have 5 secret ways to stop the worry about my kids nutrition.

  1. A dose of fairness . We plan the weekly menu. Each member of the family gets a say.  This way they have something to look forward to.
  1. Give them choice .  I will often put dishes on the table and encourage them to try them.  Even if they choose one salad they feel like they have had a choice.
  1. I get them taking responsibility in the food preparation.  If they have helped out making it . Surprise ,surprise  food suddenly tastes great and they upsell to the other kids.
  1. Make food fun. If they want to make a face out of the vegetables and that gets them eating it  then go for it. This can take the anxiety out of that  so called disgusting vegetable.
  1. Finally my worry stopper.  I top them up with Kids supplements. I have done a TON of research over the past few years, educated myself about manufacturing processes, and learned about the purity, potency and safety of the supplements available on the market today. The reality is that most just aren’t up to par, and that’s why people think supplements don’t work.

I give them Usana animals (this is a chewable multi-vitamin)  and Bio-omega Junior  for brain development.  This comes in an orange flavoured sachet and they all happily take them.  I have noticed they have not been sick since we have started and they always have lots of energy.

I have been so impressed by Usana supplements that I have become a product partner .  If you are interested to know more about Usana, you can visit my shop.  There is a a detailed FREE health assessment that you can do which is developed by Usana  which tells you what you need to do to stay healthy.  If you want to try Usana for your kids  you can go buy supplements.  Click Here to vist my store.  If you have any questions send me an email.

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