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When I was diagnosed I was shocked, saddened, and in a state of disbelief. My first reaction was to turn to friends and family, and one special friend turned me to Brigette and her “Focus on Living” course. Rather than focus on treatment, or side effects, or not so positive thoughts, Brigette’s course turned my thinking around. It kept me busy and provided me with practical solutions and methods to help me through what was a very difficult time. I particularly enjoyed the food and meditation modules as they gave me practical things to work on. Brigitte’s live sessions are confronting but are a necessary  part of the journey and you come away feeling so much better for having interacted with her.

My relationships with family and friends has become enriched and I have a different outlook on life. Life is for living and not for struggling with everyday dramas and worries. They drag you down when there is so much more to life than the 9-5 so called “normal” life. I am very grateful Brigette came into my life and I highly recommend Brigette’s courses.

Michael Redmond

After completing FOL School I feel calmness, softer, more determined to make the most of each day,I feel like I have learned a mindset and skill to carry through in all areas of my life… Love Relationships and Work.

For other people I feel that FOL School is a great resource for living and helping to develop a positive mindset.

I felt the investment initially seemed like a lot of money however I think it is a worthwhile investment for someone who is struggling with diagnosis or needing to find ways to maintain their wellness. I would definitely recommend FOL School.

Sue Holland

Before FOL I was struggling with many things letting go of the past, stress and never making time for me. My journey is an ongoing one.

After completing FOL School I am trying to spend more time exercising and enjoying day to day things. I am more aware to Focus on Living and not dwelling on the past. I particularly loved the catch up phone calls and the practical exercises.

Deb Pollard

Since completing FOL School I feel more appreciative of life and focused on living. Prior to the course I was struggling with re-diagnosis of the disease. Simply the name of the school Focus on Living is an empowering point. Any time I sway I remind myself to focus on living.

I loved so many aspects of the program in particular the first module with Von Facing your Diagnosis. Along this journey to stay empowered and be aware that you have the choice of what is best for your healing. Whether this is with your doctors or complimentary team.


Since completing FOL School I am integrating meditation n my life. I feel more appreciative of life and focused on living. Prior to the course I was struggling with anxiety about possibility of recurrence.

I now have a increased awareness of things to make a daily practice that enable me to be more aware of my thoughts words I use and ways to deal with these. I loved the online modules in particular Von’s ones and doing the exercises for each module.

Monica L

I never saw my Breast cancer diagnosis as a gift. The last module “Feel More Alive and Focus On Living” made me feel that my diagnosis actually had a gift in it. It made me think about what I value and what gives me joy.

It made me realize how good I have it. I have now actually got it. Be more appreciative of life. I would absolutely recommend FOL School

Lisa Keys

I love the program that Brigette has created.  It is teaching people on the program to be  empowered on their wellness journey. The  fact that it is online means it can be integrated with medical treatment. Anything that helps self esteem and wellness is good for the immune system which in turn aids recovery.

David Hunter-Smith 
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon 
Director of Surgical Research & Deputy Director of Surgery,
Peninsula Health.

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