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The secret to life

Today I have a guest post from the wonderful Von Teoh Bource International Author and Coach from FOL School.
“When we are faced with challenges in life, we often feel overwhelmed, confused and sometimes even punished. The cry of why me, what have I done to deserve this takes us into a state of victimhood and powerlessness making the challenge even more intense.

What I have learned is that we have all come to this life for only one reason and that is to grow, to become more than when we arrived. Deep within, each person carries the knowingness of their intended destiny and each person has the natural talents to fulfill that destiny but we are conditioned and moulded from early childhood to pay more attention to other’s need, other’s opinions and worst of all other’s approval constantly denying and ignoring our own reason for being here.
We are amazing beings of energy and when we use that energy consciously and focus it toward our desired outcomes, miracles seem to erupt from everywhere. A challenge is designed for us to reach within and examine what beliefs, thoughts and attitudes we have been running our lives by. How often have we not expressed our true feelings, not spoken out to say no, not followed our own dream.
When we synchronise our beliefs, thoughts, speech and emotions to create uplifting energies of love and peace our whole body chemistry is elevated and becomes aligned with our soul consciousness, igniting inner guidance as a constant companion for the aware mind.
I share all this in my latest book THE SECRET TO LIFE, a key to unlocking the best in you, is an easy to read and easy to implement instruction manual for living an empowered and fulfilled life a companion on your
journey of healing. CLICK on the book to order your copy

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