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Are you hungry? Thumbs Up to snacking

As the weather is changing and I’m in training mode for the Noosa Triathlon I feel ravenous all the time.  I need to find some nutritious snacks that are filling but don’t go straight to the hips.   Nutritionist  Aimee Boidin from Antique Nutrition gives us the thumbs guide to snacking.


“Uncertain of what you should be eating during those peckish times between meals? Dependant on our daily tasks, we can crave different types of snacks. What snacks will sustain our appetite?

What snacks are wholesome?

Will you make the “Thumbs Up” choice?

Thumbs Up – Always

Choosing foods that satisfy our cravings and fulfill our satiety levels without adding the extra calories, nasty fats, sugar and salt are the optimal choices to benefit us during those finicky times before and after main meals.

Thumbs Down – Occasional (Special Treats)

Choosing foods that deliver high sugar, calorie and salt will only make your body crave more of these types of snacks, thus causing you to eat twice as much. Try to keep these food choices for special occasions.


Easy Thumbs Up Snacks

  Fresh Banana with Natural Peanut Butter

  Form your own savoury or sweet trail mix. Include raw nuts, dried fruit, dark chocolate, coconut chips, baked chickpeas or rice crackers.

  Fresh Fruit Pot

↑ Wholemeal slice of bread with natural peanut butter with sliced banana for a sweet fix or fresh avocado with sliced tomato for a savoury fix.

 Have a crack at your own homemade fruit and nut bars or protein balls to steer away from the processed add ins found in store bought bars and cakes

  Low Fat Plain Yoghurt topped with your own fresh fruit (berries, passionfruit) or a drizzle of organic honey and cinnamon spice.

 Dried Fruit (sultanas, apricots, apple, pineapple) or Fresh Dates

  Fresh Cup of Squeezed Juice e.g. orange juice

 Celery and carrot sticks with hummus or tzatziki dip

  Hard Boiled Egg

  Raw or steamed beans

  Air Popped Popcorn

402785_3060104868571_1418170414_nGive these snacks the  Thumbs Down 

↓  Lollies

↓  Store bought cakes, muffins, pastries

↓  Store made trail mixes with candied fruit, nuts and chocolate

↓  Milkshakes

↓  Soft Drinks and Sugary Juice Drinks

↓  Full Fat Iced Coffees / Chocolate / Mocha

↓  Sugar Coated Fruit

↓  Candied or Salted Nuts

↓  Packet Chips or Pretzels

↓  Hot Chips

↓  Take-Away Food Chains

↓ Fried Donuts and Pastries

Alright – Sometimes

Then there are certain foods that you can have ‘sometimes’ though not always the best choice. However having them only sometimes will not burden your health. After all we do need to treat our real cravings ‘sometimes’.

→  Muesli Bars

→ Low Fat Cake Slices

→  Cappuccinos, Lattes

→  Wine

→ Certain supermarket juices

→ Certain Take-Away e.g. Thai


Take note when snacking; really ask yourself… DO I really need this snack?

Or are you bored? Sitting in front of the computer or TV? Eating because others are? The snacks are available at a social or work event? Need something to chew on?

Share with us what your main snack is?


Aimee Cecily Boidin

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One response to “Are you hungry? Thumbs Up to snacking”

  1. Debra Mar says:

    A date and a cup of black tea does the trick for me to help the ‘sweet fix’ or rye toast with an avocado smash and drips of lemon juice and sprinkle of sea salt!

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