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My 6 year old daughter Audrey and I were doing some shopping in our local village. I was talking to the owner of the store about how I had lost my credit card last weekend and how a nice person had found it and rang the bank and cancelled it for me.  This led to a lovely conversation about “paying it forward”. Audrey was so excited to tell the man how we had found a wallet and our hunt to return the wallet to the rightful owner and the time we had helped an older man who was struggling carrying groceries and some flowers  to his  car. The man asked how could he repay us and we simply said “Do a good deed for someone you don’t know.”  This is what paying it forward means.   As I listened to Audrey retell the story it occurred to be how good it makes us feel when we serve.  I felt so proud of her that she wanted to genuinely help strangers.

I also realized that so many amazing things happen in our life. Is this because we are actively looking for ways to “pay it forward”?

Dr Wayne Dyer says “When you open your heart and say how may I serve you? the universe response will be – How may I serve you as well.”

Here are 3 practical steps to play it forward.

Step 1:

Be attentive wherever you are for opportunities to help someone. Perhaps you have an elderly neighbour who is too proud to ask for help with their household chores or maybe you see someone that is struggling to the car with their groceries. You can change people’s attitudes about the world through your acts of kindness. I remember when I was in my early 20’s and I was in Sydney for the first time on a training course. I needed to get money out from an auto machine as I had no cash.  I did not own a credit card.  My card was not working. I must have looked like I was about to cry.  A man behind me asked what was wrong and he then gave me $50. I was amazed by his act of kindness and have tried to pay it forward ever since.

Step 2:

Do something nice for someone you don’t know (or don’t know very well). It should be something significant, and not for a person from whom you expect a good deed—or anything at all, for that matter—in return.

Step 3:

Spread the word. If the person thanks you and wants to “repay” you (that is, pay it “back”), let them know that what you’d really like is for them to pay it “forward”—you’d like them to do something nice for someone they don’t know, and ask that person to do something nice for another. The idea is to consciously increase the goodness of the world.


I would love you to share your story where you have paid it forward and what happened Click the comments below?


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