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Want to feel more balanced in your day?

Do you have a hard time feeling present?  Are your thoughts rushing to the future or the past?

Maybe you are like I was,  looking to feel more balanced without the massive highs and lows?

If you are saying yes to these questions then you will love my guest interview today with Christian O’toole.

On a Wednesday night you will find me at Christian’s Insight Meditation class.  I love the class because when I leave I feel balanced which often lasts the whole week.
I have noticed I can handle so much more challenging stuff… even things I have procrastinated on for years.
Before coming to Christian’s class I had wanted to clean my office out which had 6 years of old stuff. I am talking old company files, taxation, a daunting in-tray of papers to be filed and old love letters. .You get the picture.  Each time I had gone to do it I had become agitated and I couldn’t throw anything out.  Since taking his class, I committed to do it.   On the day I started Mission office clean up, a beautiful thing happened.  Gone was my agitation. I felt a sense of presence as I sorted through years of papers.  By the end of it I realised it was 4 pm and I had spent the whole day on office tidy.  I felt so peaceful.

Today I share my interview with Christian. Christian talks from the heart and makes meditation easy. Be careful, after watching this short video you may be inspired to start your own meditation practice or find your own teacher.  My husband has watched the transformation in me over the last 4 months and now he is joining Christian’s class this term.

If you are feeling inspired or want to ask a question about meditation please comment below

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