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Warning Mindfulness can cause powerful side effects!

Mindfulness is one of the key ingredients that keep me WELL.  My life can get hectic with 3 kids sometimes 4 , after-school activities, cooking, washing  and my business. I am sure many of you can relate to this.  I would go bonkers if I did not actively sit for 10 minutes per day practicing mindfulness.

Powerful side effects – I am a nicer person.  I can easily stop worrying  about STUFF.  My days seem longer. Really the day just flow better.  I make better decisions from the heart not the head.

“Mindfulness is having our ‘mind full’ of whatever we are doing in this moment.  It is bringing the attention into the here and now; being fully present.

Once we get used to this idea, we discover it’s remarkable how much of the time we spend thinking about the past or future. We worry about things that have happened, things we’ve said or done; we get anxious about the future. Often we imagine that things were, or will be worse than they are. Sometimes we get ‘circular’ thoughts that repeat themselves over and over; sometimes these thoughts are disturbing ones.

It’s not complicated to bring one’s mind energy into the present; but it does take practice. It’s like building ‘mind muscles’. Like going to a gym for the mind. It’s one of the practices that will make our minds fit and healthy so they work better for us.

One of the characteristics of mindfulness is that it makes us more objective. We notice and watch what’s happening and become less immersed in it. That objectivity can give us a moment in which we can decide what to do instead of reacting without thinking. This can feel enormously empowering.

Mindfulness can bring both relief and joy. Relief because of the space that develops in the mind, instead of the crowded hurly-burly of thoughts; and because gradually, through practice, one learns to direct the mind away from thoughts that are unhelpful and make us unhappy, and towards thoughts that are helpful and make us happier. And joy, because we begin to notice how wonderful each moment is! There are miracles all around us, if we can notice them. One of them is that we notice that we’re becoming more and more skilful at controlling the mind! ”


Nik Fawcett Peninsula Mindfulness


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