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We are surrounded by heroes and helpers

The Mothers’ Day Classic walk happened yesterday raised multi-millions for breast cancer research.  I wanted to tell you how honoured I was to be invited to be part of the day and to make the inspirational speech to the participants. At first I had a few nervous butterflies but when I looked out at all of your amazing, brave faces and felt the warm sun shining on us all, my feelings and words just came together.

Here is what I said:

“My name is Brigette. I am a mum. 1,460 days ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.  Was I going to die?

You can see… I am here. And I HAVE GOOSE BUMPS!

Anyone else?

We are here. We are surrounded by helpers and heroes.

YOU ARE AMAZING. High five your neighbour and say: “YOU ARE AMAZING”.

Who feels inspired? Raise your hand if you are with me!

Life is a countdown.

Each day I focus on living. Let’s all do that.

Let’s treasure the moments that matter.


Today right here, right now, you are making a difference to your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of everyone here.

You, like me, are grateful to be alive. Your hearts are open!

There is a special message for each of you from my Focus on Living School. It is in your sample bag. It’s a heartfelt message from me to you. I created the FOL program to help you and those you love to face their diagnosis and to embrace it as an opportunity to Focus on Living

We are all amazing. We are helpers. We are heroes. We are here!!!!

Turn to the person on your right, they are here. They are helpers. They are heroes. Love them with your eyes and a smile. Feel that. Take that same loving feeling into your walk today and share it with everyone here.

YOU are amazing. WE are amazing.

We are the helpers. We are the heroes and We are here!!!!”

Next week Rebecca from Peninsula Meditation and Mindfulness will be inspiring us to meditate.




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