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What if you didn’t need a New Year’s Resolution to be healthy and slim?


Imagine waking up January 1st feeling lighter and leaner than you do right now. Happier and more energized too. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

And what if you could look and feel this way without having to deprive yourself or hide in a cupboard until the holidays are over. Wouldn’t that be better?

The holidays are all about love and giving, but they’re also about too much food and too little sleep. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to enjoy every moment of this holiday season without having to endure the weight gain and exhaustion that usually follows?

Over the years I had tried various diets to lose those extra kilos however nothing worked for long and I was so hungry and grumpy.  I need to tell you about the Sexy Fit Challenge I did and how amazing I feel.

I have learned eating habits which I now have for life that I can teach my children.  Other changes I noticed are more energy and I am sleeping so well.  If I have an alcoholic drink I can be content with just one because I don’t feel like I need it. My skin feels soft and hydrated which is a big deal at 44. I do feel better in clothes however for me the weight loss was a bonus. This is not a diet. In fact you don’t feel hungry. Instead it will teach you the right nutrition, supplementation and how much exercise you need.

I loved it so much I have been trained to be a Sexy Fit Coach. This means as you go through the program I am here to support you.

If you are ready to look “Smoking Hot” and celebrate the New Year feeling great, then I ‘m ready to show you how! Please join me for my Sexy Fit Challenge.  I think you will love this program and the community of women and men just like you who all want to start off the New Year leaner, healthier and fitter.  Together, we will eat well, feel well, be well and look great… all in just 30 days.

Here are the details:


The SexyFit™ Through the Holidays Challenge begins Sunday, November 9 through Wednesday December 12, 2014

Prep Week starts Saturday, 1st November

Register by Tuesday, October 30th!

Click here to read the full program details.


When you join the SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge, you’ll receive all the tools and support that you need to:


  1. Lose 1-2 kg in the first week and 3-7 kgs by the end of 30 days, if you have weight to lose.
  2. Control your cravings, hunger and mood swings by balancing your blood sugar.
  3. End emotional eating.
  4. Deal with the stress and challenges of the holiday season.
  5. Increase your energy and focus during the day.
  6. Have more restful sleep during the night.
  7. Nourish your skin from the inside out for a clear and glowing complexion.
  8. Understand exactly how to eat and supplement for health and your best weight.
  9. Save money on your grocery bill with our top-rated (& delicious!) smoothies, bars and supplements.
  10. Prepare and serve beautiful, simple dishes that are so good, your family & friends will never believe that they’re good for you, too!


If you’re ready to fall in love with your body and your life, I’d love to work with you. Register here and resolve to make this holiday season your healthiest yet!


Feel free to email me back if you have any questions

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