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Why can’t they just fix me?

Some of you know that in 2010 I found a lump under my arm and thought I should get it checked out. I was a sporty girl in training for a super long triathlon I assumed I was really healthy.  You can imagine my shock when they told me I had aggressive breast cancer.  My first reaction was ” just fix me” I have stuff to do. The answer… there is NO “quick fix. This turned out to be a blessing because my treatment dragged on and on. I felt like a boxer going through 6 rounds of chemo and I couldn’t  even do the simple things I had always done like making decision or riding a bike.  As my life was falling apart I vowed to learn how to take care of myself.   I want to share with you what I have learned in my 5 year journey, so YOU can avoid a degenerative disease like CANCER.

I have learned  there is NO “quick fix”. A condition or disease doesn’t form over night, just like a cure won’t happen over night or within one week. Illnesses, conditions, diseases all develop over time, throughout life and are controlled by how we take care of the cells in our body.   These cells get a daily beating in the form of free radicals or oxidation.  The damage to our cells comes from everything from poor food choices, a poor lifestyle, environment pollutants and  physical exercise.  For me  I was busy, stressed at work and I was also over exercising training twice a day for a ultra long triathlon.   My cells were depleted. My first warning sign that life needed to change was in the form of a  brain tumour followed 5 years later by breast cancer at age 40.  So  I have learned the hard way how to control my  likelihood of  disease.

Think of your body as a vehicle.  We should do all the things to keep it going for the long haul.   We are going to drive it each day so it continues to start, we are going to put the right fuel in,  we are going to get it serviced.  What we put in determines the way we live each day. The way we treat our car physically also effects different outcomes, just like our bodies.  Now when something occurs and our car is not in good form and needs “repairing”, sometimes we can just remove and replace…but the condition is always going to repeat itself if we don’t take extra care, just like our bodies. However in the end, the car can be replaced, unlike our bodies…we only have one.  This was me I got to the stage where I needed to stop saying “ just fix me and become accountable for my body otherwise  I would have ended up with another degenerative disease and maybe something much worse an early DEATH

This is where taking accountability for your own wellbeing and health is the most important challenge we have. Without our health we cannot do all those other things we dream of.  Visualise yourself in a healthy, positive state both physically and mentally.

How likely are you to get a degenerative disease? Take the test
Are you a smoker?
Consume too much alcohol?
Have you become more sedentary?
Do you over exercise?
Do you easily become stressed and does this keep you awake at night?
What are your eating and drinking habits?
What foods are you eating… are they small at regular intervals?
Do you take good quality supplements/ vitamins?
Are you always tired?
Are you drinking enough water 1.5- 2 litres per day?

8 Ways to live a healthy life
Taking accountability for your own actions and improving your wellbeing can be a hard adjustment because it seems easier to have someone just fix you. But it can be done and you are the only one that can do this… and YOU CAN.

  1. Observe how you feel each day
  2. Take small steps in changing them
  3. Improve overall nutrition with low Glycemic index foods.
  4. Drink plenty of purified water
  5. Take good quality supplements because we are never going to get enough nutrients in our everyday diet.
  6. Take time out for yourself. Relax. Meditate.
  7. Have fun. Promoting those positive endorphins
  8. Exercise. Become more active. Walk to places nearby instead of the car.
  9. Take time out to deal with stress like meditation.

If you want to be healthier there is still time to join the Sexy Fit Nutrition Challenge starting NOVEMBER 10.   I will be your local coach.   The program teaches you all of the above. Follow the link click REGISTER  or go check out the  program overview

I would love to hear how you look after your health? Comment on the website by clicking here

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