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Why taking time out is so good for you!

This week we have a special guest post from the inspiring International Author and Empowerment Coach Von Teoh Bource.  Some of you will remember her from Focus on Living School. With the holiday season here and if you are anything like me you may feel a little frazzled. Von writes about why taking time out is so important !

How often do you take time out to replenish your energy to regroup and to come back to feeling yourself?

When the pressures of life get a hold of us and drives us forward into doing, doing, doing, the real us somehow gets overlooked. There is no time to pay attention to our own personal needs and before we know it, we are worn out or become ill or feel very disconnected and unhappy.

Something I have discovered over the last twenty years is that we are never taught to appreciate our own personal physicality. That our first responsibility in this lifetime is to take care of the very thing that allows us to experience life at all, our body, our mind and our spirit. If we were taught from childhood to make sure every day that our body, our mind and our spirit are nurtured and taken care of, then we would be so much stronger and able to support others to do the same.

Instead we have been told and have somehow believed that we are here to take care of others, to do good for others and then we are surprised that we don’t feel fulfilled, that we sometimes even feel resentful and that we run out of energy.

Our first responsibility every day is to make sure we are in the best state of wellbeing because from that place we radiate that out into our world and the ripple effect has a wonderful impact on everyone whose lives we touch. When we are OK people around us feel better, when we are not OK it has a low vibrational effect everywhere.

My suggestion is that you love yourself as much as you want to love others and want to be loved by others. Listen to your needs as much as you listen to others and want to be listened to and most of all appreciate you the way wish to be appreciated by others and as you appreciate others. You are all you have to experience life right here right now, you need you.

Take regular time out. A walk in the forest, a massage, a night out with friends, a weekend away, or a Spiritual retreat. Ask yourself do you deserve more from you than you have been giving? Don’t wait start today to put yourself first. And if you are really serious about it you might like to join me in Bali in May 2014 for a Connect To Soul Retreat. For more information go to http://unlockyourpotentialtoday/retreats-2/

Hey we would love to hear how you take time out share in the  comments below.

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